Who Is the Top Microsoft Partner in Sweden

With the development of new technologies, we have been witnessing fundamental changes in the way companies deal with their everyday tasks. Today’s workplace is much more than a professional environment based solely on humans. It has become a connected space facilitating employees’ ability to reach better results in a shorter time. Thanks to digitization, each of them gets instant access to everything they need, at the same time communicating and collaborating with others in a highly effective way. Regardless of the industry and specifics of operations, businesses all over the world, including Sweden, invest in digital solutions delivered by IT services providers such as Microsoft vendors.

How Microsoft 365 Transforms Workplace Culture

Designed to modernize all types of workplaces while ensuring security, Microsoft tools offer major benefits to both employers and employees. Not only do they increase staff engagement, but also support their long-term development through effective knowledge-sharing and immediate consultations. Enabling swift, regular contact and boosting productivity, modern Microsoft 365 solutions considerably shorten the distance between the company’s representatives and their clients. The same applies to partners, with whom it is easier to establish a sustainable business relationship. All this translates into better results, increased sales, reduced costs, and hence greater profit. Obviously, it is worth asking what makes Microsoft 365 tools so special. Microsoft 365 is often referred to as a powerful combination of Office apps, intelligent cloud services, device management and advanced security. What exactly does it offer to businesses of all sizes, operating in different sectors?
  • Increased workplace productivity and successful collaboration irrespective of location
✓ Latest versions of Office 365 apps, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which work whenever needed, on whatever device
✓ Outlook and Exchange for convenient emailing and calendaring, with a clear view of contacts
Microsoft Teams with chat, call and online meeting functionalities, giving access to all Microsoft Office 365 resources and keeping the team and clients on the same page
  • Cloud-based document storage and information management
✓ OneDrive for own or team use to store, access, co-author, manage and update files from anywhere
SharePoint for organization-wide document sharing with many other features such as collaboration, CMS and dashboards
  • Reduction of manual paperwork and easier task management
✓ Digitization of repetitive tasks
✓ Automation of internal processes
✓ Data gathering with surveys, polls and questionnaires
  • Information protection and device security
✓ Cyberattack, unauthorized access and accidental deletion prevention
✓ Detection of risky sign-in behavior
✓ Identity and password management
✓ Content lifecycle management to import, store and classify data
  • Efficient business management
Dynamics 365 including a number of apps and add-ons for Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management
✓ Increased productivity at work and on the go
✓ Managing data, updating notes, tasks and attachments

Designed to meet the needs of any organization, Microsoft 365 solutions are available in a variety of plans.

What Is a Microsoft Partner

The Microsoft Partner title is given to a company that established a close working relationship with Microsoft after meeting their rigorous quality standards. Such an organization has the capability, resources and specialist knowledge to provide state-of-the-art solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies. Despite there being different types of certificates, Gold Competency is the most prestigious certification level. Only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners with a very specific skill-set are Gold Certified. These firms stay in direct contact with the giant of the computer industry, receiving their technical support, taking part in ongoing training programs and staying up to date with the latest technology trends.

When considering cooperation with a Microsoft Partner, it is worth getting acquainted with the company and its offer. Any project’s success rate increases when the partner has first-hand experience, extensive expertise and proper understanding of the IT market. This is exactly what Microsoft Gold Certified Partners can give to their clients. In addition to implementing the most current software versions such as Microsoft 365, they provide maintenance and support services in the form of remote or on-site consultations. Naturally, Gold Competency requires submitting unique client references from organizations that successfully implemented Microsoft-based solutions. A Gold Partner must also generate specific revenue and maintain a 95% client retention rate. Last but not least, it is essential for the Partner’s Microsoft team to be composed of many highly qualified experts ready to carry out any type of project.

Which Microsoft Vendor in Sweden Is Worth Cooperating With

There is no doubt that Swedish companies embarking on Microsoft 365-based projects should seek reliability and, most importantly, efficiency. Therefore, they need to be sure that their partners know exactly what they are doing. With Microsoft’s annual reviews, Gold Certified organizations never stop developing their expertise and undertaking international initiatives. It is their major goal to support new clients operating in all parts of the world by introducing them to modern, licensed tools that enable their successful business transformation. For all these reasons, it is definitely worth making a company holding the Gold Competency certificate one’s Microsoft 365 Partner.

Why Sii Sweden Is Known as a Top Microsoft Partner

With over 100 specialists in Microsoft 365 cloud solutions, SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online, Sii belongs to the 1% of Gold Certified organizations. Its project teams have specialist expertise in the development, maintenance and customization of the best enterprise applications helping clients create a professional, digital workplace. Sii’s IT services also cover day-to-day user support as well as regular software configuration. What gives Sii Sweden an advantage over competitors
  • Vast experience in creating modern workplaces and developing digital transformation strategies for recognizable international brands
  • Wide selection of Microsoft 365 solutions: MS Teams services, MS Power Apps services, Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft BI services, SharePoint services and Dynamics 365 services
  • Guidance for clients on how to properly implement and use Office 365 solutions to maximize return on investment
  • Sii Migration Framework to accelerate the process of moving data to the cloud by up to 35%
  • Close cooperation with champions to influence and promote changes inside companies
  • 110+ delivered projects all over Europe
  • Immediate team building – up to 14 days
  • Short time to market – implementation of an intranet portal on average takes less than 4 weeks
  • Projects implemented in hybrid environments
  • Experience in deployment of SharePoint Workflow platforms: Nintex, Datapolis, Webcon
  • Participation in the Microsoft Elite program
  • 4 different packages adjusted to a specific work environment and business needs
  • Flexible cooperation models and outsourcing services
      ✓ Nearshoring from Poland
      ✓ Local services in Sweden
      ✓ Mixed Delivery Teams in Sweden and Poland

What Microsoft 365 Solutions Sii Sweden Has to Offer

Microsoft Office 365

As the top technology consulting provider and digital transformation services vendor, Sii offers support of competent specialists in Microsoft Office 365 solutions. Companies from all sectors can rely on their expertise and entrust them with all tasks related to the implementation and further development of most modern, cloud-based tools. Microsoft Office 365 consultants develop apps with Microsoft Power Apps for cross-device use and in Microsoft Teams with the support of Microsoft Teams Consultants. They supplement applications and processes with artificial intelligence and information from Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Graph services as well as from cognitive processes. Sii team allows their clients to use Microsoft Azure, giving them the possibility to create a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. The Microsoft Office 365 Partner also offers assistance at any stage, including error causes identification and verification, consultation, modification and error fixing, idea formation, solution design, maintenance and training.

The Microsoft provider takes care of all these aspects:

  • Creation of mobile-friendly, responsive applications for every platform
  • Integration with external services, applications and 3rd party providers
  • Handling forms with various fields and layouts
  • Following the company’s guidelines concerning logos, colors and layout

Which specific services can be found in Sii’s offer?

  1. Migration

Expert migration services help clients address the everyday challenges of running their business. Once the migration from external systems to Microsoft 365 is finished, the amount of work to be done gets significantly reduced and efficient information flow between all team members is enabled.

With Sii’s migration services, the following results are obtained:

  • Content and data are migrated from various sources to Microsoft 365 and can be easily shared
  • Environment is carefully analyzed and cleaned up
  • Out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 functions are introduced
  • Data moving to the cloud is accelerated by up to 35%
  1. Microsoft 365 implementation

Apart from the modernization of the work environment, Microsoft Office 365 implementation allows companies to create a cloud, user-friendly space increasing productivity, at the same time meeting the needs of remote employees.

Sii guarantees:

  • Solution design proceeded by a domain-oriented analysis for iterative development and desired system definition
  • Implementation performed by a highly skilled team, understanding the needs of various industries
  • Stability in high-availability environments and smooth deployment
  • Infrastructural audits for optimization and performance boosting
  1. Adoption and training

After migration to Office 365, Sii familiarizes the end-users with the tool by organizing dedicated workshops as part of which both basic and advanced functionalities are discussed. The training program developed by Microsoft consultants is always based on real tasks. Also, to prepare adoption scenarios and build awareness, Sii engages business champions.

  1. Custom development

With the Sii team handling the Microsoft 365 implementation process, the client can make the most of the tool. They are given the option of developing a customized, dedicated solution, fully adjusted to their brand and specific requirements.

Sii’s services in the field of custom development include:

  • Advanced integrations between Microsoft 365 and external systems
  • Redesign of heavy architecture
  • IT environment support
  • Migration of the existing solutions
  • Reimplementation of functionalities
  1. SharePoint implementation

As part of their IT services, Sii’s highly experienced experts implement SharePoint as a cloud tool enhancing internal communication and documentation circulation within the company. At the end of each project, the client gets access to a platform strengthening cooperation between their geographically dispersed teams.

Sii has the resources to support clients in these areas:

  • Dedicated custom solutions boosting SharePoint performance
  • Business process modeling with SharePointworkflows
  • Monitoring and management of SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint consulting – implementation, upgrades and maintenance
  1. Business process automation

As a leading provider of advanced, intuitive Microsoft 365 business tools, Sii helps its clients automate repeatable, day-to-day tasks, increasing work efficiency and its pace. Through digitization, companies are able to substitute traditional paper documents with smart solutions.

With Sii, the company gets:

  • Optimized platform for business process automation and management
  • Advanced integrations with CRM systems, ERP applications and platforms supporting web services or having an API
  • Hardware integration for direct documents scanning to workflows, barcode printing and reading, OCR services
  • Dedicated support service for maintenance of workflows and implementation of changes requested by business users
  1. Intranet

With the client’s internal needs in mind, the Microsoft Partner offers the development of intuitive intranets based on the Microsoft 365 framework. It takes only 4 weeks to build a modern platform allowing successful collaboration, easy communication and efficient file management.

Sii experts provide:

  • Customized, mobile-ready platform fully integrated with Microsoft 365applications
  • Visual elements and architecture adjusted to specific requirements
  • User-friendly interface
  • Package of ready-to-use components increasing user adoption
  1. Support services

Starting with an in-depth analysis of the IT environment, Sii continues with its proper modernization. As a Microsoft Partner, the vendor has the qualifications to perform maintenance works as well as to support the client whenever needed.

Sii offers its clients:

  • Monitoring, management and support of Microsoft 365 environments, including SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online
  • Management of issues and incidents based on SLAs
  • Support of a dedicated Business Analyst
  • Maintenance works, design conversion, configuration and customization
  • Wide range of other services adjusted to the organization’s environment and size

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With competent Microsoft 365 consultants, engineers, tools and other Microsoft resources, Sii accelerates the performance of companies in Sweden and other parts of the world. Having great insight into the business, the leader in the area of Dynamics 365 allows organizations to facilitate the delivery of their daily tasks, offering efficient data sharing and integration. Sii provides a great variety of custom solutions for Dynamics 365/AX by delivering separate modules and components. Among them are:

  • Single Audit File (SAF)
  • Split payment
  • White list

Additionally, the offer includes:

  1. Implementation

Sii’s Dynamics 365 expert team takes care of the entire implementation process, from concept framing to go-live. Further optimization steps are made so as to get the most out of the system features. The Microsoft Partner’s competitive implementation offering includes:

  • Requirements specification, analysis, process modeling, development, integration and training
  • Data migration
  • Technical support and advice from highly qualified Microsoft consultants
  1. Upgrades

Specializing in all versions of Microsoft Dynamics, Sii is ready to work with any system in need of an upgrade. How does the actual process look like?

  • Audit focused on functional coverage is performed
  • Client is introduced to the concept of digital transformation
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Power platform and artificial intelligence seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement is shared
  • Upgrade is implemented
  1. Maintenance and development

Sii experts extend Dynamics 365 with both standard and ISV add-on modules and enhancements, giving companies significant leverage over their competitors.

The Microsoft Partner provides services in the following areas:

  • Application, problem and incident management
  • Custom development
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Audits
  • Employee support
  1. Experts outsourcing services

With over 100 Microsoft consultants, engineers, architects and testers, Sii enables companies to expand. Based on specific business needs, the client chooses one or more Dynamics 365 specialists to support their staff or builds a dedicated team up from scratch. It is their vision and requirements that determine how and by whom the project will be carried out.

Additional information about Sii Sweden

If you are a Swedish company interested in Microsoft 365 solutions or would like to learn more about the top Microsoft Partner – Sii Sweden – please go to https://siisweden.se/en/. Additional information about Sii’s IT services can be also found on https://sii.pl/en/. To contact Sii’s experienced Microsoft 365 consultants and arrange either an online or face-to-face meeting, fill in a short form.